Tanskalaisen Nuuran upeat valaisimet ovat kovassa nosteessa designmaailmassa.  Uusimpana lanseerataan Sofia Referin suunnittelema Blossi-mallisto. Poimin myös muutamia muita ihania valaisimia iloksenne. Katso lisää Nuuran sivuilta, Klik.  Photos Nuura. 






A treetop, beautiful and structural. The award-winning lighting designer Sofie Refer has created the Blossi collection. Gorgeous, innovative and yet classic at the same time.
The table lamp is now being launched in a new black variety with mouth-blown opal glass. The colour combination highlights the form of the lamp and emphasises its timeless Scandinavian design. The black surface is made from a unique finish that is highly resistant against dirt and almost velvety in appearance.

Sofie Refer wanted to create a collection that reflected the golden light of Scandinavia. ”The light in the north is particularly beautiful in the autumn, and I wanted to create a collection of lamps that could capture that beauty,” says Sofie Refer.

And Blossi has captured not only our Nordic light but also Nordic design. The collection appears simple but is made up of several rounded shades that repeat in both metal and glass. This makes Blossi both simple and complex at the same time. The light is produced by a special developed LED disc which is carefully placed to ensure that the light is reflected by the shade, spreading a soft light out into its surroundings.

The Blossi collection is available in colour Nordic Gold with Clear Glass as standard, and the table lamp is now also available in Black with Opal Glass. The Blossi collection received a Special Mention at the German Design Awards 2018 and was nominated for ’Lamp of the Year’ at the Design Awards 2018 in Denmark.

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